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April 22, 2014
--Important Information Regarding Next Administration of Licensing Examination--
Please be advised that at its April 17, 2014 meeting the Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals voted to offer its Licensing Examination in May and June 2014. The examination will be based on the 2008 Massachusetts Contingency Plan. All applicants deemed eligible to sit for the exam should contact LSP Program Coordinator, Barbara Wyche, at (617) 556-1091 to register. If you have questions about this notice, contact Beverly Coles-Roby at (617) 292-5985 or


Board Members:


Ben Ericson, Chairperson
Gail Batchelder

Kirk Franklin
John H. Guswa
Debra Listernick

Robert Rein
Farooq Siddique

David Austin

James Smith

Kathy Campbell

Beverly Coles-Roby, Executive Director
Lynn Peterson Read, Asst. General Counsel
Lori A. Williamson, Scientist/Investigator
Barbara Wyche, Program Coordinator

Those private parties who are financially responsible under Massachusetts law for assessing and cleaning up confirmed and suspected hazardous waste sites must retain a licensed Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professional (commonly called a "Licensed Site Professional" or simply an "LSP") to oversee the assessment and cleanup work. The Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals is an independent, 11-member board that licenses and regulates LSPs. The Board works to maintain high standards of practice and to protect public health, welfare, and the environment by establishing qualifications for licensure, administering a licensing exam, requiring that LSPs obtain continuing education, and investigating complaints against LSPs to ensure compliance with state laws, regulations and the Board's own rules of professional conduct.

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General Information


News, Updates, and Press Releases

News about the LSP Board, Program Updates, and Press Releases issued.

RE: Solicitation Of Comments On Regulation Changes Dear Interested Party: The Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals ("LSP Board") under its authority pursuant to M.G.L. chapter 21A, Sections 16 and 19-19J, and in conformance with M.G.L. chapter 30A, seeks the assistance of the LSP community and general public regarding the adoption of amendments to its regulations at 309 CMR 1.00-9.00. Click here to download word document to view the current regulations. Those who are interested in participating should submit written comments to [ or]. Please send your comments to the LSP Board on or before December 31, 2013, to be included in the LSP Board Meeting Agenda. The LSP Board sincerely hopes that you will participate in this important project.

Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals
BOSTON, MA 02108
PHONE: (617) 556-1091 FAX: (617) 292-5872

Current and Former LSPs

Check a License

Disciplinary Records of LSPs

Searchable LSP List

The list of all current and former Licensed Site Professionals can be searched by name, license number, or city/town:

Use this tool to look up an LSP's current contact information, license status, and disciplinary record.

For a complete list of currently licensed LSPs (not including those on Inactive Status), please click on "Searchable LSP List" above and then on "All Active LSP's" .

Board Meetings

         Upcoming Meetings
May 15, 2014 - Wilmington
June 19, 2014 - Lakeville
Date, time and location of upcoming meetings of the Board
(Open to the Public)

         Meeting Minutes

o    Historical Minutes

o    Latest Approved Continuing Education Meeting Minutes,
March 20, 2014 PDF

o    Latest Approved Professional Conduct Committee Minutes,
March 20, 2014PDF

o    Latest Approved Board Meeting Minutes,
March 20, 2014 PDF

Filing Complaints Against LSPs

         General Information on Complaints

Summaries of Disciplinary Actions

         Summary of Final Disciplinary Actions
PDF 1,174 KB | MS Word 756 KB


         Summary of Initial Board Actions
PDF 187 KB | MS Word 67 KB


Advisory Rulings

Board's Enabling Legislation

         M.G.L. c.21A, 19-19J


         309 CMR 1.00-9.00: Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals
Please note that these regulations include the most recent amendments, which were promulgated on April 8,  2005.
PDF 628 KB | MS Word 175 KB

         6/10/93 Announcement Relating to "Hold Paramount" Language

Application To Qualify for Examination

         General Information

         Instructions for the Application to Qualify for Examination
File to download: MS Word 252 KB | PDF 188 KB

         Application Forms

The MS Word version of this application is now formatted with text boxes and check boxes for easy completion. We would appreciate feedback regarding the form; what works well, how can it be improved. Send feedback and suggestions to

File to download: MS Word 260 KB 

         You will likely need multiple copies of Form 2, Form 3, Form 6 and the Reference Form:

Form 2
File to download: MS Word 40KB  | PDF 56KB

Form 3
File to download: MS Word 44KB  | PDF 52KB

Form 6
File to download: MS Word 36KB  | PDF 36KB

Reference Form
File to download: MS Word 60KB  | PDF 60KB

         LSP Application Submittal Checklist
File to download: MS Word 21 KB | PDF 69KB

Exam Information

LSP Address and Other Contact Data Changes

Whenever an LSP's address, phone number, or e-mail changes, s/he must notify the LSP Board.

  • Instructions for submitting changes
    File to download: MS Word | PDF
  • LSP Address Form
    File to download: MS Word 149 KB | PDF 80 KB

License Renewal Information

         IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding the universal changes in LSP renewal dates.
File to download: MS Word 21 KB | PDF 56KB

         Instructions for LSPs whose licenses expire on July 30, 2014:

Please wait for your renewal package with invoice which will be mailed around the beginning of December.
If you do not receive your package by June 30, 2014 please call the LSP Board staff at 617-556-1091

The MSWord forms below have been formatted with text boxes and check boxes for easy completion on your PC.

  • License Renewal Instructions
    File to download: MS Word 32 KB | PDF 83KB

         License Renewal Application Form
File to download: MS Word 51 KB | PDF 133KB

  • Continuing Education Course Summary Form
    File to download: MS Word 26 KB | PDF 58KB
  • Supplemental Application form (for use only by those who received a 90-day extension)
    File to download: MS Word 62 KB | PDF 112 KB

General Information about LSP Board Fees

  • List of LSP Board Fees
    File to download: MS Word 26 KB | PDF 57 KB

Continuing Education Information

         Continuing Education Requirements and Q & A
File to download: MS Word 31 KB | PDF 89 KB

         Current List of Board Approved Continuing Education Courses: download file as .pdf


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